[unrev-II] JavaOne Convention Notes

From: Eric Armstrong (eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com)
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 16:27:27 PDT

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    After spending a week at the JavaOne convention, I am totally
    convinced that Java is up to the task of building the system we
    need, and that it makes a fine platform for doing so. This makes
    the 5th straight convention with dozens of eye-opening
    announcements. Does Python have anything similar? If so, we
    should get to that one to see what there is, and how fast
    progress is being made.

    As soon as the last of my reviews is published at JavaWorld's
    show report, I'll send a complete list of links and the
    topics they cover. In the meantime, here is a quick overview
    of interesting tidbits (not all of which are covered in the

    Demo Tool
    --There is a great demo tool that runs over the web. It's
      super simple to create demos with, and they run for *free*.

    Collaboration Engine
    --A company called CrytsalGate has produced a realtime,
      remote collaboration engine that has a free development
      toolkit. (The engine acts like the "platform" for the
      collaborative apps you develop.
    --We should get CrystalGate's architect, Eric Jones,
      to come speak to us

    Current Java Technology
    --as of a few months ago, Linux became a high-priority port
    --Netscape defined a Pluglet API for browser plugins written
      in Java
    --Servlets/JSP pages/tag libraries/XSLT provide great
      server-side capabilities, in multiple configurations
      data binding progress
    --The JIRO APIs are designed for storage management
    --2d/3d graphics make spiffy graphics apps possible
    --JAIN apis exist for telcom apps
    --there were several sessions on security. Although there are
      still holes, Java is great way to begin getting the
      security the system will require, at little cost
    --The JINI apis are being used, with all sorts of handheld
      devices making use of it.
    --SmartCards (credit cards with embedded chips) are pretty
      darn nice. I could go to any terminal at the convention
      and pick up where I left off. The card did the logging in.
    --"enterprise beans" for "common logic" processing on
    --streaming audio/video media

    Coming in Java 1.4
    --Sun's WebStart process.
      Mechanism for distributing full-featured apps from a central
      server. (A one-time install of the plugin loads "real" java
      apps -- not applets. Includes app caching, incremental updates,
      and load-on-demand jar files, so app can start rapidly from a
      small jar file. (More details coming.)
    --new GuideLayout layout manager, some additional components
      and a highly improved mouse/keyboard focus manager
    --built-in clipboard/drag and drop support for Swing components
      Slides downloadable in PDF, and tapes are available for
      the sessions. Some are well worth the investment.
      (The reports highlight several of the most interesting,
       including a couple I heard about second hand.)

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