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From: Bill Bearden (BBearden@BCL.net)
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 13:58:07 PDT

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    I was perusing some links on the Wiki sight of Denham Grey
    (http://www.voght.com/cgi-bin/pywiki?DenhamGrey). Denham recently asked some
    questions on the Bootstrap Wiki site. I believe Joe may have followed up
    with him. Denham also created his own page on the Bootstrap Wiki site. But
    from Denham's own Wiki site, I went to his KMIntro page

    Denham's KMIntro page recommended this "Intro to Knowledge Management" site

    This led me to an article discussing the philosophical infrastructure of KM
    (http://www.brint.com/km/km.htm). The author, Yogesh Malhotra, contends that
    Lockean (consensual) and Leibnizian (closed) inquiry systems are less well
    suited for KM than Kantian (multiple complementary views) and Hegelian
    (multiple antithetical views) inquiry systems.

    While this isn't of great interest to me, I am passing it along to those who
    might be interested in following up on Mary Keeler's discussion a few weeks

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