Re: [unrev-II] Breaking the Vicious Climatic Cycle

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 15:57:50 PDT

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    Jack Park wrote:
    > Dream on, friend...
    > Jack
    It's my best subject.

    Of course, there is one more REALLY radical idea that
    probably won't get tried for at least century.

    The singular motivating factor behind having any kind of
    economy in the first place is the climate. It forced the
    need for shelter and food storage, all of which combined
    to create specialization and the various economic systems
    we now enjoy.

    Now that we have those systems, though, wouldn't it be
    nice if you could outside every day to sunshine with the
    occasional warm showers. It might get a bit nippy in the
    fall -- enough for the apple trees, anyway, but not all
    *that* cold, all things considered.

    Even better, wouldn't it be nice to walk down the street
    and take a bit off a tree or bush as you go by. Hungry?
    Take a walk in the park.

    Ok, so your favorite dining experience still has a lot to
    recommend it. But if you *had* to, wouldn't it be nice
    to know you could live off the land fairly easily?

    What prevents that dream from being a reality? Climate.
    So what can you do about climate? Maybe not a lot. But
    maybe more than we might think.

    One Nova special on the Himalayas found them to be at the
    center of some of the huge climatic cycles we are treated
    too -- droughts and monsoons, windstorms and even hurricanes.
    It seems that forces which piled up India into the rest of
    the continent have been having an ongoing climactic impact
    for millions of years.

    So... For a REALLY radical idea (no bars on thinking, here),
    let's lower the Himalyas... It might take a few centuries.
    But what a huge public works project! Maybe the topspoil
    would be useful in other places? Don't know.

    But 4- or 500 years from now, we might have a garden of eden

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