Re: [unrev-II] Good Servlet Container?

From: Jack Park (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 16:24:21 PDT

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    From: Eric Armstrong <>

    > Jack Park wrote:
    > >
    > > ...Also take a look at Enhydra.
    > > I have installed Enhydra and made it work quite easily. I suspect
    > > that with Version 3.0, the bugs are just about gone.
    > >
    > Hmmm. That looks really interesting for our purposes.
    > It's an open source application server, is that right?

    > It runs on the server, right? How does the user connect to
    > it? With a standard browser, or with an application designed
    > for the purpose? Or does the application somehow get downloaded
    > when the user connects?
    It IS the server, or can be linked to, say, Apache. I have only used it
    stand alone. You just install it, set some config stuff (port number, etc)
    and log into it from a browser (e.g. http://localhost:8000) and it gives you
    a page with some sample servlets to try.

    There's even a shrink wrapped version ($99) now, fully supported. They even
    have something called XMLC which is an XML compiler. It reads your html and
    xml files into Java classes under the rubric of a "project." All that has
    been automated with some wizards in JBuilder 3, the free version. So, you
    can create an entire web site from JBuilder, perhaps using something like an
    html editor to make the html templates. They even have an open source
    relational database for it, and it is fully J2EE compliant, though I can't
    imagine using it that way.

    In fact, there seems to be a lively 3-way battle for mind share out there:
    the Apache group and all their really nifty projects, Enhydra, and Zope. No
    doubt others (e.g. Jetty) are out there and quite useful, but these three
    appear to be trying to wrap up the whole enterprise web portal thing. I have
    no experience with Apache, other than their xml stuff, and, of course, the
    Apache server I have on my linux boxes. I have used Enhydra at work in
    early development trials, and have never touched Zope, except to log into a
    Zope Bootstrap site.

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