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Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 18:23:25 PDT

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    I agree. I bought his book about a month or so ago.

    The first reference on the list I saw that got me interested was in:
    [unrev-II] Buckminster Fuller Institute
    Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 16:21:18 -0800
    From: Ron Goldman <

    After describing the Buckminster Fuller Institute (which I believe is at
    Stanford ), Ron wrote:
    > Seems like lots of groups are trying to develop better tools to augment
    > people's ability to comprehend our impact on the world. See also the
    > Chaordic Alliance:
    > founded by Dee Hock. One of their 4 goals is the:
    > "Development of visual and physical models of chaordic organizations so
    > that people have something to examine, experiment with, and compared to
    > existing organizations. The models must contain the ethical and spiritual
    > dimensions generally lacking in current models. In addition, computer
    > simulations will need to be created to allow people to quickly see how
    > clarity of purpose and principles allow institutions to self organize,
    > evolve over decades, and link in new patterns for an enduring constructive
    > society."

    I am still trying to understand exactly what Dee Hock's principles are
    in a little more detail and how the would be introduced into practice in
    various situtations.

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    > Jack Park wrote:
    > This page
    > is a discussion about the evolution of chaordic organizations. The
    > term chaordic was coined by Dee Hock after he turned BankAmericard
    > into Visa International by completely reorganizing the system. I have
    > a very strong suspicion that I landed here based on one of the many
    > useful links John Deneen has submitted to this group. There may be
    > much to learn from the approach Dee Hock takes to structuring
    > organizations.
    > [snip]

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