Re: [unrev-II] Augment + categories = OHS v0.1

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 18:46:40 PDT

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    > Gil Regev wrote:
    > ... I totally agree
    > that categories are essential but they should be implemented in a way
    > that preserves the dynamics of the system.
    > In Knoware, relationships have no meaning for the software but they do
    > have meaning to the users. The search tool searches for text in
    > relationships as well as in concepts.
    Both points valid.

      * A node can belong to multiple categories
      * The categories are assigned by users
      * A node can change categories, have categories
        added and have them removed.
      * Categories can change
      * Any layer that uses categories for automated reasoning
        that assigns "meaning" to the categories will be a
        layer that operates above the basic system.
      * In the system itself, you will be able to search
        based on categories, or text, or links -- or combinations.

    Additional Notes:
      * I agree with Eugene (in principle) that links should
        be categorizable. I have been calling that feature
        "typed links", but it undoubtedly makes sense to reuse
        the category-capability to accomplish that typing.
      * Just to be sure, though, I think it behooves us to come
        with a use case that requires them. The first idea I
        came up with was "all design notes corresponding to this
        version of the system requirements" -- but that search
        can be satisfied using the type of the link target.
        Any other cases come to anyone's mind?

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