RE: [unrev-II] 2020 Hindsight: A Fictional DKR Narrative (long (sorry))

From: Bill Bearden (
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 08:15:48 PDT

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    > If I may jump in here, it occurs to me that what we have been calling
    > knowledge cannot exist outside the user. What exists in books, computers,
    > and so forth, it seems to me, is just a model, a map, whatever you want to
    > call a collection of triggers to the model that resides within the user.

    Thanks for jumping in. Whenever people get down to incompatible definitions,
    progress is difficult.

    I hope I was clear that I do not disagree with Rod's definition. If that
    wasn't clear, I apologize. I accept that Rod's definition is a valid one. It
    just doesn't fit in with my (admittedly limited) understanding of the DKR
    concept. Brains like consistency and they will sometimes make stuff up for
    consistency's sake. For me, knowledge is something that will exist in a DKR.
    My idea of knowledge isn't much more than putting words in that acronym.

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