Re: [unrev-II] Encoding Source in XML

Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 09:31:42 PDT

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    Excuse me, but the example you use in your Rationale is not typical of
    HTML docs composed by people or auto composers. Please show me
    something real like this:

    <h2>Some Heading
    <p>some text<.p>
    <h3>Another Heading
    <p>more text</p>

    You are just not going to find this structure in WWW docs. XML is not
    programmming, it is publishing. I put some more comment in the Wiki
    linked to from the JoeWilliams page.

    Sorry about the ID, I misread the Attributes paragraph under Strructure
    of the Basic Node in Data Structures. Rereading this reminds me that
    atributes need not be either invisible or nonextensible for our use. I
    am still hoping for your comment on my suggested markup for Glossary
    Items, now shown on the Wiki JoeWIlliams page.

    I think the least you can do after causing me to think this much is to
    let me buy you a beer.

    Best Regards,

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