Re: [unrev-II] book/article recommendations

From: Rod Welch (
Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 18:49:07 PDT

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    Everybody probably knows this, but what is the difference between Wiki and
    Zwiki. I was worried I had not heard these words correctly, but looking at the
    DKR shows both are used.

    Has this been set out in the record?

    For a book, might take a look at Landauer's book "The Trouble with Computers"
    reviewed on 950710...

    Another candidate is Andy Grove's book "Only the Paranoid Survive" reviewed on

    Campbell's "Improbably Machine" yielded helpful ideas, reviewed on 900303...

    Another is "How the Mind Works" by Stephen Pinker, partially reviewed on

    Covey's "7 Habits..." has a lot that suggests what technology needs to do in
    order to augment human reasoning, reviewed on 921205....

    Drucker's several books reviewed beginning on 931130 explains the importance of
    analysis, the distinction between information and communication...



    Eugene Eric Kim wrote:
    > There's quite a bit of diversity among this group, and a lot of
    > expertise. I think it would be great to start collecting reading lists
    > based on recommendations from all of you. For example, there's been a lot
    > of research in hyperlinking over the last two decades, and it would be
    > interesting to hear people's thoughts on what are the important papers in
    > this field (besides Doug's). I personally could use a list of good
    > primers in the area of knowledge representation. (*ahem* Jack. :-)
    > These lists are not going to be helpful if they are large and
    > unfiltered. So let me propose the following. I created a Wiki page off
    > the Links section that is a list of topics pointing to reading
    > lists. Suggest no more than five references -- books, articles, web
    > sites, whatever -- on topics you think are relevant, and add them to the
    > Wiki pages with your commentary. It would be excellent to have a few
    > introductory books for each topic, but significant, more specialized
    > works are also good. If one of your recommended references are already on
    > the page, note that by using the "comment" class (as explained in Lee's
    > ground rules).
    > I started things off by recommending Ted Nelson's _Literary
    > Machines_. You can read my brief commentary on the Wiki site:
    > -Eugene
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