[unrev-II] Maps, Space and Other Metaphors for Metadata

From: Jack Park (jackpark@verticalnet.com)
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 09:17:32 PDT

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    This on-line 'zine
    has, in its archives, this article
    which, I think, gives a rather profound introduction to much of the logic behind RDF, Topic Maps, and a lot of other stuff we think about. I believe the the 'zine and links derived from its pages are of value to those of us who want to explore the deeper issues associated with our interests.

    Another paper
    is called A Shared Reality. This paper talks to the cultural aspects of maps and the visual experience.

    Scanning another paper -- Memory Palaces
    leads to this fellow:
    John Robert Skoyels, who describes himself as *A dawn to dusk knowledge junkie*. If you read nothing else of his (including two online books), read his *who am I* and *my story*.


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