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From: Paul Fernhout (
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 19:16:45 PDT

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    Mozilla does sound like a great platform.

    One issue is the license. If you aren't careful, the code you develop
    becomes Netscape's property under their license. I think this can be
    avoided if you put the code in separate files (but review the license
    before counting on this).

    I liked the email client idea discussed earlier in part because of the
    peer-to-peer nature. Using Mozilla might fit into this.

    My biggest concern is that Mozilla was designed as I understand it in
    the typical huge fashion -- with megabytes of source and so forth. This
    is probably because it is mostly in C/C++. A system written in Squeak
    Smalltalk (or Java or Python or Lisp) might be much more elegant and
    smaller and easier to understand and modify and bootstrap. Still,
    Mozilla-related work might have a big audience.

    By the way, this article says there is lots of VC interest in funding
    peer-to-peer computing efforts at the moment.,4586,2598097,00.html

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    > Jack Park wrote:
    > The OHS needs a platform to serve as its foundation. We have discussed
    > a variety of approaches to the construction of such a platform,
    > including Zope, Java, and others. One that came up is Mozilla. Here
    > is a report that, I think, illustrates the power of the Mozilla
    > platform. These folks talk about the construction of an arcade game
    > on it. Yes, Martha, arcade games don't push any buttons out in
    > hyperdocument land, but the discussion does cover many of the Mozilla
    > benefits.

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