[unrev-II] Comments on David Gelernters Manifesto

From: Frode Hegland (frode@liquidinformation.com)
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 14:27:01 PDT

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    Jack, thanks for the URL to David Gelernters Manifesto at
    I found some inconsistencies with the way I though the world was and
    wanted to ask you guys what you think before I email DavidGelernter.
    He is addressing some very, very important issues and getting an
    audience, but his version of history makes me seriously consider the many
    worlds theory...
    1.) He propheseized the Web in 1991. (From the intro:
    > In 1991 Gelernter had published a book for technologists (an extended
    research paper) called Mirror Worlds, claiming in effect that one day,
    there would be something like the Web. As well as forecasting the Web...
    Am I missing something? Didn't Tim Berners Lee unleash the WWW in 1991?
    2.) Where did the mouse and windows come from:
    > 21. The windows-menus-mouse "desktop" interface, invented by Xerox and
    Sorry Doug, you don't exist apparently.
    3.) Also, what was the point of the mouse? It wasn't perfect when born>
    Wow, that's a real criticism. I guess cars are no good because the model
    'T' Ford didn't go very fast or have air-bags. Confused? Sorry, here is
    the David quote:
    > 23. The computer mouse was a brilliant invention, but we can see today
    that it is a bad design. Like any device that must be moved and placed
    precisely, it ought to provide tactile feedback; it doesn't. Also at:
    What can I say?
    The rest, the meat, I don't always agree with, but that's an evening
    after dinner chat. I am worried about these point. Anything I should add
    before emailing? Or should I forget it?
    Frode Hegland
    The Liquid Information Company
    UK: (44) 777 953 3856
    US: (1) 877 239 1010

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