[unrev-II] Gelernter -- Time Key Idea for KM

From: Rod Welch (rowelch@attglobal.net)
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 12:03:39 PDT

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    Thanks for your submission yesterday on Gelernter, yielding useful pointers for
    KM, after reading through a lot of standard "noise" to reach a core advance he
    One objective cited by the team for the DKR is "collaboration," which relates to
    pooling efforts through cooperation to improve progress, also called "collective
    intelligence" or "Collective IQ." The DKR can do by stating directly what might
    be useful in a source, and how it relates to a specific project objective, i.e.,
    Gelernter says "xx", we have been talking about "xy" which is close to "xx"; I
    propose we use Gelernter's idea to achieve our goals for "xy" to possibly yield
    "xyz," something slightly different, but useful, because...

    For example, recently a colleague cited experience at PG&E showed "organization"
    is a missing ingredient in conventional methods like Wiki, email, Outlook, Word
    Power Point, and so on. We clarified this perceived value/need that is missing
    from daily management by noting a secret of of KM might be a design that aligns
    with the human mind's innate process of organizing information based on time,
    building chronologies of sequence showing cause and effect. The core idea is
    that better handling of daily working information called out by Doug through a
    reference on 000327...


    ..., improves understanding of cause and effect, and this improves productivity
    and, therefore, earnings, including solving world problems (corollary objectives
    in the private and public arenas), if it could be accomplished.

    Gelernter's article which you cited, generally, seems to support this
    proposition at the following location, i.e., that time is an effective
    organizing method...


    Recently, a letter to Professor Mary Keeler, who discussed the meaning of
    "knowledge" in a presentation to the DKR team at SRI on May 18, 2000 made a
    similar point...


    ..., based on the work of Charles Peirce, reviewed on May 15, 2000, thanks to
    your help in providing some of Mary's research....


    Gelernter is a leading computer thinker/designer, pundit and "futurist" who
    deserves attention. How does he propose to implement his idea? The article
    does not provide a scenario, nor a link to a body of information that
    illustrates how his insight might improve handling of daily working information
    to improve earnings, and solve world problems.

    Gelernter's explanation for organizing information may, however, point to an
    emerging environment that forms a new market, within the meaning of a
    disruptive technology, discussed on 990527...


    ..., based on integrating time with information to yield knowledge management
    for solving information overload, which each day gets worse? Gelernter does
    note that right now people are working around problems caused by lack of
    organization. He indicates ignoring and covering up problems builds demand for a
    solution, similar to Aristotle's point about the compounding effect of
    inaccurate understandings, discussed in NWO...


    Does anyone see, or sense, such a growing demand in day-to-day work that
    supports Gelernter's proposition? Recently, a copy of a letter was sent to the
    team that provides a "use case" illustrating Gelernter's point about continual
    bumbling by top people because no one can track the complexity of sequence on
    cause and effect using conventional methods....


    Does the current economic boom producing sunshine profits render this issue
    moot, because "intelligence" is not a big enough "care about," i.e., nobody
    cares because everybody is subject to the same problem, so therefore a solution
    seems not worth pursuing because, a, it is difficult to improve management, b,
    adding "intelligence" to management increases accountability, and c, we are
    making a living fixing the problems we cause, so why bother?



    > Jack Park wrote:
    > http://www.edge.org/3rd_culture/gelernter/gelernter_p1.html
    > This is written by David Gelernter, at once a brilliant mind, an inventer, an
    > author of profound books, and a target of the unabomber. I strongly recommend
    > that this paper be read by all.
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