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Date: Sat Oct 28 2000 - 14:43:12 PDT

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    Paul Fernhout wrote:

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    > It wouldn't surprise me to see much pedagogical theory ignoring meaning
    > drift, as the main intent of education is historically speaking for all
    > students to end up sharing the same metaphorical models, upholding a
    > conservative line of transmission of static ideas judged worthwhile by
    > previous generations. The admission of different points of view
    > (metaphorical contexts for interpretation of communications and
    > perceptions) is a fairly sophisticated one in psychological development,
    > and is usually taught in advanced situations (e.g. Dale Carnegy's "How
    > to Win Friends and Influence People" or various sociology theories on
    > communication). &c, &c.

    Don't get me going on education, Paul! But I am happy to say there are people doing
    wonderful jobs of instructing the young. My grandson, now 17, has been extremely
    lucky to have had a couple of good teachers in high school and some fine educators
    now in college (Marianapolis College in Montreal - they deserve mention). He is
    taking a research methods course that has him examining historical topics of his
    choice and he can tell you more the Cuba missile crisis and Iraq no-fly zones than,
    I am sure, the average External Affairs or State Department official. The emphasis
    is on attempts at balanced judgment. (He is in a pre-Law program.) Eric is educating
    me now.

    I myself had only one disastrous year in high school (or rather two years in the
    same grade) and later prepared for the final mostly from borrowed books while in the
    army, so I have little first-hand experience. As a college teacher I began to
    understand that biblical wisdom that, at least in school, it is better to give than
    to receive.

    > I think you are referring to information theory?

    Yes. Appreciate your elucidation and expansion.

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