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From: Jack Park (jackpark@verticalnet.com)
Date: Mon Oct 30 2000 - 16:05:50 PST

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    Outline Processor Markup Language
    "About this documentaboutThisDocument

    This document describes a format for storing outlines in XML 1.0 called
    Outline Processor Markup Language or OPML.

    For the purposes of this document, an outline is a tree, where each node
    contains a set of named attributes with string values.

    Timelinetimeline <http://radiodiscuss.userland.com/opmlSpec#timeline>

    Outlines have been a popular way to organize information on computers for a
    long time. While the history of outlining software is unclear, a rough
    timeline is possible.

    Probably the first outliner was developed by Doug
    <http://www.bootstrap.org/dce-bio.htm> Engelbart, as part of the Augment
    system in the 1960s."
    The URL is in what follows:
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    >From: Bruce ONeel < beoneel@mindspring.com <mailto:beoneel@mindspring.com>
    >Subject: OPML parser in Squeak
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    > There is a screenshot of a simple OPML parser in Squeak at
    > http://homepage.iprolink.ch/~bioneel/beo/Squeak/OPML-Squeak.jpg
    >OPML is a XML format for outlines.
    >This was parsing the playlist example on the OPML Spec page at:
    > http://radiodiscuss.userland.com/opmlSpec
    >I'm sure there are still some bugs but it is starting to come together.
    >More about Squeak at http://www.squeak.org <http://www.squeak.org> .
    >I'll release the changeset in a bit if someone is interested.

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