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Date: Thu Nov 02 2000 - 15:19:50 PST

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    I have found an online version of the Stars paper at
    Oddly enough, that page is titled "My wonderful paper in IEEE Format". Go

    A related paper was found at:

    google "socio-technical framework" and you will find tons of good stuff.
    "We now turn to the socio-technical nature of information infrastructures.
    As outlined in chapters 3 and 4 above, the development of an information
    infrastructure needs to be recognised as an ongoing socio-technical
    negotiation. An analysis of it accordingly presumes a suitable vehicle. This
    chapter contains a presentation of one such vehicle, namely actor-network
    theory. It is intended to pave the road for describing and analysing how
    issues of flexibility and standardisation outlined in chapters 4 and 5
    unfold in relation to information infrastructure. This chapter accordingly
    functions as a stepping stone for the chapters than follow. "

    I could go on forever with such a search, but I'll leave the rest as an
    exercise for the reader ;o)

    Nice post, John.


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    > I concur and highly recommend reading the following article. Since the
    > requires an IEEE membership to download, I'll make photocopies from the
    > Internet Computing Journal (Sept. - Oct. 2000) to handout at Doug's party.
    > STARS: A Socio-Technical Framework for Integrating Design Knowledge over
    > Internet
    > (Stephen C-Y. Lu and Jian Cai)
    > Information technologies, including the Internet, are providing an
    > for global information sharing, but effective support of distributed
    > work may require mechanisms to represent the expertise, intentions, and
    points of
    > view of individual team members. This prototype system records social and
    > technical aspects of individual perspectives on a
    > collaborative project, and integrates this knowledge into a design process
    > reconciling different perspectives on the design data.

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