Re: [unrev-II] Categories and Versions

Date: Sat Nov 04 2000 - 06:32:09 PST

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    Versioning will finally boil down to whether content, or an attribute of
    some content, is added or changed. An attribute of an element may be
    content to another, and so on... The workflow issues are: Do I have the
    latest version? What is the history of the content? How do my changes
    and comments get published and reported to collaborators?

    Is a system that is built around or emerges from the kernal an
    Application? Maybe a piece of it is a subsystem. Some of the naming I
    may have seen in Augment used a descriptive name followed by the word
    subsystem to categorize a functionality. I like it when there is a real
    descriptive name for the thing. What does it do? How can you help the
    user exploit its features by choosing the name(s)?,)

    Looking forward to seeing node descriptions;

    Thank You,

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