[unrev-II] It could have happened...

From: Eric Armstrong (eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com)
Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 16:19:14 PST

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    I've continued to ask myself, how could we
    reseed civilization after a meteorite impact?
    How could we save enough to get us off the
    ground again? When you are talking about a
    wall of water a mile high sweeping over the
    whole earth, as only part of the aftermath,
    and decades of virtually no sun or plant
    growth due to dust in the air, how on earth
    could enough of civilization's know how be
    preserved to make such a life possible again?

    Then it struck me: The Space Station! In
    addition to being a vehicle for space exploration,
    it may be the most important "insurance policy"
    we have ever devised.

    And a meteorite impact might not be the only
    cause. Recent articles concerning the melting
    of Greenland's ice sheets and the existence
    of methane gas trapped in the ocean floors
    that could be released by global warming --
    causing a vicious circle that would be equally
    deadly -- means that many possible "doomsday"
    scenarios exist. The the space station may
    be our one best "defense" against them.

    In fact, it may have happened before. Stories
    of the Norse gods living in Valhalla "above
    the North pole", Von Dannikan's imaginary
    space men, the flying ships from the legends
    of ancient India, ancient maps that show an
    accurate outline of Antartica -- an outline
    that is at the moment covered over by ice, and
    biblical references to the ark and various other
    wonders of ancient myth could all be testament
    to a pre-existing, highly advanced civilization
    that met with just such a catastrophe.

    If there were such a civilization, and if it
    was indeed a space station that was responsible
    for reseeding the culture, dozens of ancient
    myths that could previously be understood only
    as either imaginary or representative of
    contact by alien beings could suddenly make
    sense in an entirely new, and potentially
    plausible way.

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