Re: [unrev-II] The Essence of Creativity

From: Jack Park (
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 16:07:45 PST

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    Well, Eric, I figured this one out because I happen to recall talking about
    connecting dots earlier, when I said:

    "Gelernter then describes creativity as occuring in a region of
    states in which one is neither unconscious, nor logical. One is awake, but
    one is not paying attention to whatever *rules* would interfere with
    connecting dots. Thus, the creative process is one in which dots get
    connected that would otherwise be blocked by logical processes."

    From my perspective, the phrase "connecting dots" begs absolutely no
    question whatsoever. It is a colloquialism I believe lots of people use
    when an "Aha!" occurs. Analogy is just one of several possible mechanisms by
    which people connect dots.

    Keep in mind that the concept of analogy, itself, is a human construct, one
    that has been invented to explain neural processes we barely understand.
    Indeed, if we don't really understand our neural processes, it's not all
    that likely that we will be able to explain them well, no matter what
    concept we invent that seems to fit the need.

    To understand my comment about Gelernter's theory, I know it's arrogant, but
    I suggest reading the book. In fact, I suggest reading the book anyway.

    From: Eric Armstrong <>

    > But "connecting the dots" begs the whole question
    > of what is a "connection".
    > I suspect it is in the form of an analogy. But
    > that provides only slightly more precision. We
    > don't seem to have any really good grasp of the
    > analogy process, either.

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