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From: Peter P. Yim (
Date: Thu Nov 23 2000 - 07:45:27 PST

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    > Would recommend the week of Dec 11 or after Jan 6.
    Point well taken.
    I'd like to see some feedback from Doug, Alice and Nicholas on this
    issue, in particular.

    > Anything after the 15th of Dec would be poorly attended in the DC area.
    Just wanted to clarify things a little -
    I am referring to a "new" event that is just in the making (planning).
    This will be a event in the San Francisco Bay Area, hosted by SRI and
    the Bootstrap Institute for contributors to the Engelbart Fellowship
    Fund, the media, well wishers of Doug's, and the Bootstrap community.
    This is independent of (and different) from the one you are working on
    with Doug which will be hosted at Washington DC [maybe you can tell us
    something about that too, on this forum].
    So, when you say " ... poorly attended in the DC area ...", were you (i)
    thinking that I was referring to the same event you are working on, or
    were you (ii) giving us warning that if we host something early week of
    12/18 in Northern California, we'd probably get poor attendance from
    guests that we may be inviting over from the DC area?
    Please advise.


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