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From: Peter P. Yim (yimpp@cim-oem.com)
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 14:50:41 PST

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    Further to our telephone conversation just now, which I recap as follows:

    1. We talked about making this more of a casual, celebration-like event
    rather than a formal one. Brief message/remark rather than lecture; toasts
    instead of speeches; no specially printed materials, ... etc. ... This way,
    even if we get closer to the holidays, it will not be out-of-place.

    2. You mentioned that the venue can hold up to 200 people in a
    standup/cocktail reception type setting.

    3. We agreed that you (plus your team) and Nicholas Carroll ["team A"] will
    work on inviting the media (and SRI related guests). Mary Coppernoll, Eugene
    Kim, Joe William and I ["team B"] will be working on inviting the other
    guests (the Augment and Bootstrap community, and Engelbart related guests).
    Both our teams will start working on the guest list immediately, and will
    coordinate when the lists are put together.

    4. Thank you for the confirmation that SRI will be hosting the event (and
    will be picking up the tab for the food and drinks, besides providing the

    5. Our immediate action item is to tie down a date -- which we will hear
    from you, as soon as you've got that locked-in.

    Let me know if I've missed anything.


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    Subject: Media Event

    > We're still looking into the availability of SRI's facility the week of
    > 11, perhaps the 12 or 14 (the facility is not available 11 and 13); the
    > is quite close to the holidays.
    > "Peter P. Yim" wrote:
    > > Werner,
    > >
    > > > Would recommend the week of Dec 11 or after Jan 6.
    > > Point well taken.
    > > I'd like to see some feedback from Doug, Alice and Nicholas on this
    > > issue, in particular.
    > >
    > > > Anything after the 15th of Dec would be poorly attended in the DC
    > > Just wanted to clarify things a little -
    > > I am referring to a "new" event that is just in the making (planning).
    > > This will be a event in the San Francisco Bay Area, hosted by SRI and
    > > the Bootstrap Institute for contributors to the Engelbart Fellowship
    > > Fund, the media, well wishers of Doug's, and the Bootstrap community.
    > > This is independent of (and different) from the one you are working on
    > > with Doug which will be hosted at Washington DC [maybe you can tell us
    > > something about that too, on this forum].
    > > So, when you say " ... poorly attended in the DC area ...", were you (i)
    > > thinking that I was referring to the same event you are working on, or
    > > were you (ii) giving us warning that if we host something early week of
    > > 12/18 in Northern California, we'd probably get poor attendance from
    > > guests that we may be inviting over from the DC area?
    > > Please advise.
    > >
    > > -ppy
    > > ===

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