RE: [unrev-II] Digest Number 294: Augment Clone?

Date: Tue Dec 05 2000 - 08:50:07 PST

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    re: WWW like KM system...

    How about the idea of a very personal KM system that you can build with
    your own personal goals and problems as the central focus. When desired,
    this tool can be connected directly to other personal KMs and to other
    networks including WWW.

    Doug's concept of scalability is very important, which can be visualized
    as a notebook that gains in importance as content is added, used, and
    shared. When applied to a finite project, accumulations of notebooks
    finally achieve Handbook status. This model can perserve the experience,
    learning, and knowledge of a particular project and possibly be
    leveraged into other projects.

    Look at the model for information creation, exchange, referencing,
    linking, describing, ascribing, and so on. At the core of the model is
    that boundary between the same or different information items that make
    up the domain upon which some great knowledge management is to be
    executed. When the boundary is known, then adjacent items can be
    described with attributes that help the KM process use the content to
    solve the problem or achieve the goal.

    Doug's model consisting of HS, OHS, and DKR may require that it be built
    from the bottom up and the top down (and all sides expandable and
    extensible) by giving the DKR an ontology by which the HS can navigate.

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