[unrev-II] KM Opportunity... Too Many Problems by Too Many People

From: Rod Welch (rowelch@attglobal.net)
Date: Sat Dec 09 2000 - 07:20:05 PST

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    Commenting on Doug's recent presentation to NSF focusing on opportunity to
    improve competency....


    Recent articles in the news evidence demand for competency to meet the challenge
    of accelerating complexity, which is summed up by a quote: "Too many people
    having too many problems." A culture of knowledge that transitions from IT to
    KM may help.....



    Doug Engelbart - Bootstrap Institute wrote:
    > Message
    > Here's the announcement:
    > <http://www.interact.nsf.gov/cise/conferences.nsf/Pages/DF13365846765A5D852569A
    > 70060AA95>
    > I intend to give general picture of Bootstrapping, and basic overview of
    > OHS/HyperScope -- as in <http://www.bootstrap.org/a2h/BI/2120.html>
    > ..And then put special emphases on Branch 4,
    > <http://www.bootstrap.org/a2h/BI/2120.html#4> and on High-Performance Support
    > Teams doing the "Integration" part of CoDIAK relative to the dynamic updating
    > of the Knowledge Products in an org's DKR.
    > And please let me know if there are some special things to point the audience
    > at about advanced knowledge concepts -- such as concept mapping, ontological
    > wizardry, etc. -- Ithat you guys could recommend for endowing a team with
    > special capabilities in analyzing the records and providing clearest and most
    > accurate summaries.
    > Note for Eugene: Please make a fix on this HTML file: add enough blank lines
    > at end so a link pointing to ...#4D would actualy position the browser at 4D.
    > (Note: Henry has already been through that sort of fixup on his pages.)
    > Note for everyone: we had what I think was a very good meeting at NIH this
    > morning -- including Werner Schaer, Pat Lincoln, an Mike Tracy (of SRI).
    > Meeting tomorrow morning at DARPA with Werner Schaer and Pat Lincoln. Then in
    > the evning a reception that Werner's Software Productivity Consortium is
    > hosting for tha Medal thing The rsvp'd attendee list has many old friends on
    > it -- and it should be both an enjoyable event and a chance for good
    > promotional contacts.
    > Wish you all could attend. (Turns out that Jack Park and Ken Holman, both in
    > town for a conference, will be there.)
    > Appreciatively, Doug
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