[unrev-II] Smart Transcoder

From: Jack Park (jackpark@verticalnet.com)
Date: Mon Dec 18 2000 - 08:36:37 PST

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    * Processes both XML and non-XML data.

    * Processes data by means of XSLT, C++, Java, JPython...

    * Is able to process huge files.

    * Rule-based transcoding can exploit features of XML Schema (types,
    inheritance...) and/or DTD.

    * Simple integration of external resources (databases, servers...).

    * SOAP interface.
    Implemented in C++ with Java interface.
    Alpha versions of Smart Transcoder are available for free on our pages.
    Smart Transcoder can be seamlessly incorporated into existing architectures.
    The new product combines the power of XML with distributed computing,
    creating a strong foundation for network-based applications (peer-to-peer
    networks, web portals, publishing). Smart Transcoder will provide
    open-source code."

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