Re: [unrev-II] Is "bootstrapping" part of the problem?

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Tue Dec 19 2000 - 13:33:45 PST

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    Paul Fernhout wrote:
    > If corporations now doing IT have the major goal of profit as opposed
    > to "meeting unmet social needs" (to quote William C. Norris)
    > then corporations whether they do IT or KM are irrelevant to human
    > survival.
    I really, really like that point.
    Along with several others you've made, quite eloquently.

    Requesting focus on goals/purpose is an extradorinarily good thing,
    in my view. And it beggars the imagination to think that we really
    haven't done so.

    By way of example: I have a vision in my head of a small, virtually
    self-supporting community that grows organic everything and has
    streets without sidewalks that kids can play in.

    Inside the homes in this rural paradise, there are advanced-
    technology communication and collaboration systems, through
    which much of the interaction with the outside world occurs.

    In the center of the community is a dance and music hall, where
    people get toether to entertain each other and socialize.

    The vision doesn't go much beyond that. But it is fascinating
    to think that if the vision for what we/I need/want is something
    like that, then the appropriate focus for our/my efforts may
    just be something completely different!

    In other words, to pick the right hammer, you've got to size
    up the nail.

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