RE: [unrev-II] Email Inscrutibility

From: Dennis E. Hamilton (
Date: Sat Dec 23 2000 - 10:23:21 PST

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    You have been snagged by the inscrutability of distributed mechanisms.
    E-msil systems in distributed operation are my favorite source of
    system-incoherence examples.

    If people are wondering what has people be tool-adverse, I say you are
    looking in the right place.

    This is something to consider when you look at more-fine-grained linking and
    granularity of material, as mentioned recently. Expect surprises when
    making seemingly straightforward combination of an email format, email
    clients, and an external tool for interpreting the message bodies.

    To you specific question: The likely cause is differences in the e-mail
    client used to read and reply to postings here. For example, I obtain
    unrev-II eGroup postings via e-mail forwarding and I can use my client of
    choice. I don't even ask for digests because my client will sort and file
    incoming e-mails anyhow. If you are using a Web browser to access the
    group, you are constrained by the implementation at the server. There may
    be setting that you can adjust to make responded-to messages editable. Or
    you just may have failed to see how to scroll down and find it. There are
    many other cases.

    By the way, I discourage use of HTML-formatted e-mail. There is too much
    room for mischief, including delivery of scripts and delivery of links to
    material that is required in order to properly view the message. I don't
    keep a constant-on Internet connection, and having my dialer pop up
    repeatedly while I am trying to view someone's HTML message just leads me to
    delete the message.

    -- Dennis

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