RE: [unrev-II] Refactoring and information annealing

From: Garold L. Johnson (
Date: Mon Dec 25 2000 - 09:45:57 PST

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    Hi Garold,

    Nice work on this description, it caprtures a lot and will reply in
    detal to some parts of it. However, in overview, please consider that an
    information item or object is described by more than just its
    attributes. Please observe that any info item/object is described by (1)
    a name which may imply a topic or category, (2) possibly a unique
    identification for the system, (3) a potentially unlimted number of
    attributes which can help define and interpret the item, and (4) its
    content, which may contain additional description/definion of the

    [Garold L. Johnson] From the perspective that I was using the term, all of
    these are also attributes. The name is an attribute, content is an
    attribute – it is really what we mean by ‘it’. These are not separate from
    the thing itself. They would be included in any framer representation


    Garold (Gary) L. Johnson

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