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Date: Wed Jan 03 2001 - 16:49:10 PST

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    At 01/01/03 12:19 -0800, N. C a r r o l l wrote:
    >Putting up some OHS-related definitions at:
    >The definition of a DOM escapes me.

    According to

    The Document Object Model is a platform- and language-neutral interface
    that will allow programs and scripts to dynamically access and update the
    content, structure and style of documents. The document can be further
    processed and the results of that processing can be incorporated back into
    the presented page.

    >Can anyone point
    >me to a very brief definition, that would make sense
    >to a resident of this planet? (Earth/Sol system)

    In my own words, I say something along the lines of:

    Document Object Model

    An interface abstraction defining processes and information, both available
    to a user and thus required to be supported and exposed by a system, that
    can be used to act on the components of a document abstraction. Actions
    include building document information and reading document
    information. The interface abstraction is reified for a given programming
    language as an API. The document abstraction is reified by the supplier of
    the API and is typically hidden from the user. The user is obliged to
    manipulate and access the document entirely through the API.

    The W3C DOM for XML and HTML documents is defined at:

    I hope this helps.

    ................ Ken

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