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Date: Thu Jan 04 2001 - 21:21:45 PST

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    Eric Armstrong wrote:
    > I think that's a good reason for identifying the modules
    > and focusing on the APIs -- or, better, on protocol-based
    > interactions. Had that been the case, the system could
    > have been rewritten, module by module, over the years.


    > pointed out. The use of topic maps and the like (that
    > Jack and you understand a helluva lot better than I) should
    > then make it possible to define non-demoninational standards,
    > so those modules can be written in newer and better languages
    > as time goes on.

    Yep. Increasingly my thought. If OHS is to be a broad
    standard, there will be plenty of manpower to recode
    it in different languages. It's the standards, the
    architecture, the mapping of the core.

    As to modules, well ... a lot of my work rebuilding
    ecommerce web sites involves ripping *apart* huge
    rigid unscalable constructs, and turning it into
    a system of: modules. Modules still work.



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