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Date: Fri Jan 05 2001 - 09:09:42 PST

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    How about this:
    First think of the fact that DOM stands for Document Object Model, that
    is, modelling of the document as an object that is made up of a
    collection of objects. Maybe the advantage of considering the document
    as an object lies in the ability to specify certain interfaces and
    behaviors from it, For example, if you know that a document must be made
    up of certain objects, then you can easily interrogate the document to
    determine whether if is what you expect. So at the document level, the
    DOM provides interfaces to allow you to access contents and attributes
    of the document.

    The document is made up of a collection of objects, each of which has an
    object model defined by the DOM. Fundamentally, each of these objects
    may be called an element and it may have content, attributes, and an
    event model.
    The event model allows elements (which might be called nodes) to
    communicate with other elements, the containing document, and the
    browser which is rendering the document.

    I guess in short, the DOM makes the document 'live' in the sense that
    the interactor or another agent of some kind can access the content and
    the content is updated immediately.

    If you have been using Netscape, then you have been exposed to early
    versions of the DOM, problly using javascript interfaces or CSS but the
    document really wasn't live.

    Thanks for working on the Glossary.


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