[unrev-II] Would like to put some of the Wiki stuff on BI.org/ohs/

From: N. C a r r o l l (ncarroll@inreach.com)
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 22:23:21 PST

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    (Skipping over my rant about Wiki in general) I'd like
    to get some of the material there onto the /ohs
    pages of bootstrap.org (as some sort of resources

    Clearly I don't want to link /ohs to the Wiki pages
    directly, inviting the unwashed masses into an
    editable arena. So unless someone has a better idea,
    I'll just grab the HTML and make new pages in /ohs.
    Kinda static, but then I have a day job to do.

    Any better ideas that aren't too labor-intensive?



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