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From: Jack Park (jackpark@verticalnet.com)
Date: Fri Jan 19 2001 - 08:37:54 PST

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    Folks, this forward is a plain vanilla advertisement. So, why am I
    forwarding it to this list? Simply because I believe it represents a hint of
    what's coming. Also, the lectures are to be conducted by Michel Biezunski,
    probably the one individual who made Topic Maps what they are today, and
    Steve Newcomb, a gentleman who has a Ph.D. in -- get this -- music, and thus
    was highly qualified to invent HyTime, and serve as a co-inventor of Topic


    > New knowledge technology workshops will be offered this February and March
    by InfoLoom, Inc. in
    > Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Austin and Dallas
    > ===================================================
    > # The InfoLoom Standards for Knowledge Workshop(tm)
    > # -- for those tasked with implementing KM
    > # (Introductory level)
    > ===================================================
    > Learn about standards that will provide you with a competitive edge and
    web-enable your system! Learn more about XML, Xpointer and Xlink, Metadata
    standards, Content Delivery Protocols, RDF and the Semantic Web, UDDI
    (Universal Discovery, Description, Interface) as well as ISO 13250, Topic
    > See http://www.infoloom.com/standknow.htm
    > ===================================================
    > # The InfoLoom Practical Topic Maps Workshop(tm)
    > # -- for those who want a practical intro to Topic Maps
    > # (Introductory level)
    > ===================================================
    > Learn more about the virtual knowledge navigation maps known as Topic
    Maps, try topic-map navigation, and build a topic map during the workshop!
    Learn how you can use topic maps in your organization. Learn about the
    newest version of
    > topic maps for the Web, XTM!
    > See http://www.infoloom.com/practical.htm
    > ===================================================
    > # The InfoLoom Global Knowledge Interchange Seminar(tm)
    > # -- for those setting future strategies
    > # (Technical level)
    > ===================================================
    > Learn about the future of the Web, how to improve communication and the
    reliability of information interchange, and the standards being created to
    improve navigation on the Web.
    > See http://www.infoloom.com/ for details
    > ===================================================
    > # The InfoLoom Authoritative XTM Workshop (tm)
    > # -- for those who want to learn about XML Topic Maps
    > # (Technical level)
    > ===================================================
    > Learn about Topic Maps and XML Topic maps from the 2 co-chairs of
    TopicMaps.Org: Michel Biezunski and Steven R. Newcomb. You will receive a
    personal copy of topic map software to help you create topic maps
    > See http://www,.infoloom.com/ for details

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