[unrev-II] Re : New Knowledge Technology Seminars in February and March

From: univers immedia (universimmedia@wanadoo.fr)
Date: Sat Jan 20 2001 - 16:13:22 PST

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    Your judgment about Infoloom and Topic Maps is ... well ... let's say
    definitive !
    Some remarks about it :

    About style sheets:
    1. Do you make an allusion to the way Infoloom uses or not proper style
    sheets in its HTML website,
    or do you refer to the general HTML / style sheets relationship ?
    2. It's a pity Infoloom didn't give up this image of "style sheets for
    knowledge", which carries a very misleading image of Topic Maps, as your
    remarks tend to prove once more. Every other actor in the Topic Maps
    community has given up that image as far as I know. Well, we've got now
    "GPS for the Web" which is not a fantastic communication tagline either ...

    Anyway ...The remark 2. contains the implicit fact that, even if Michel
    Biezunski, one of the "fathers" of the Topic Maps paradigm, is at the head
    of Infoloom, the paradigm itself has gained a far wider scope. See what's
    happening at www.topicmaps.org to maybe make up your mind and have some
    second thoughts about it.



    PS : Please note I'm involved in Topic Maps development, but not in
    Infoloom itself.

    Bernard Vatant
    "Building Knowledge"

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    > Jack Park wrote:
    > [snip]
    > > > New knowledge technology workshops will be offered this February and
    > > by InfoLoom, Inc. in
    > > > Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Austin and Dallas
    > Visualizing information has been around for awhile. Far as I can
    > see, it's the proposed *standardization* that's new. But I
    > wonder if they get it.
    > On their corporate info page, Infoloom writes:
    > "... We have long understood the idea of creating style sheets to
    > control
    > the formatting and layout of information. Topic Maps introduces the
    > concept of creating style sheets to control knowledge-based information
    > access and navigation...."
    > Long mis-understood, judging by what I see in HTML.
    > I expect the same for topic maps.
    > Nicholas
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