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Date: Mon Jan 29 2001 - 11:31:24 PST

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    Even as the network evolves to many interconnected computers serving
    each person, it might (still) be modelled as uneasy symbiosis of a
    projector and an intractor staring at each other across a mulltimedia
    interface trying to determine when and how to transfer information. It
    is at this interface, based open standard IT and emerging KM tools,
    where OHS implemtations will provide a unique and productive example of
    human systems/tool systems co-evolution. Specific Funding to proceed
    toward working prototype open source OHS/DKR development would directly
    advance Doug's vision of a basic tool for improving the capacity to
    address knowledge management issues.

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    Alternative Interface Devices.
    Improve Accessibility and Utility of the WWW...

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