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From: mastercoach@coachuniverse.com
Date: Sun Feb 04 2001 - 17:16:57 PST

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    Let's do it!

    See, that is my vision of Synergy

    and Coach Universe for that matter.

    that's why I selected wiki (PyWiki actually, since it's written in
    Python I figured one of you brain giants out there might be able to
    take that and actually enhance it so it is searchable the way God
    intended, etc)

    because this allows *anyone* (meaning anyone in the English speaking
    world who is literate and bright and has access to the net, shares
    our vision, you know, anyone at all)

    this allows anyone to craft and edit pages (open source, right)
    without knowing html, without understanding how an ftp client works,
    without registering a domain name, anyone can easily and effortlessly
    have a voice and have a robust website.

    As a matter of fact, the way I see it, Synergy Central and Coach
    Universe are community property. Sylvia and I are funding the costs
    right now, however it is only a matter of time before the site is
    sustainable, and in the mean time, it is beginning to attract thought
    leaders, change agents, pioneers, visionaries, coaches, consultants,
    just as we intended.

    I'm really excited about this proposal. There are so many concepts I
    want to share here. I subscribed to this list a while back, but was
    overwhelmed with everything that was going on and made the difficult
    decision to cut back on some of what I was up to. I'm not sure why I
    unsubscribed rather than having "go to web" but I believe it was that
    I didn't invest enough time in this container to know what was
    happening, who is here, etc.

    The reason I bring this up is because something motivated me to
    subscribe originally (again, do not remember, however it must have
    been compelling because I limit my subscriptions to containers that
    speak to me and that I resonate with. Perhaps I did a search on
    egroups for groups where the word "Synergy" appeared. That was
    probably it.

    Anyway, so now I'm no longer a member, but somehow I get a message
    from Bernard and I'm thinking about how difficult it is to align
    those who would make sense to participate in a virtual project
    (especially a voluntary one, especially given that most of us are
    already "maxed out" (we are very busy, with not as
    much "discretionary time" as we would like) and so this becomes an
    issue not just of coordination, or critical mass, but also of
    attention management.

    Well, Bernard, sign me up. Let's go for it! Thank you for saying hi
    and inviting me back. By the way, here is a link to a parallel
    discussion I am having with Denham Grey regarding <a
    YellowPagesDiscussion">Yellow Pages</a>:
    Feel free to join in.

    > What will I put on that page ?
    > The nice logo and above tagline.
    > - A (short) description of my whereabouts, and why I am in this
    > - Keywords for my interest and/or working fields.
    > - Chosen links to whatever relevant resources I care of, am
    involved in,
    > or find somehow connected to my (intelligent) activity
    > (that's occurrences of the subject, for those knowing the TM
    > - AND : most important : links to similar pages of people I'm
    > with:
    > those are the synapses (or associations in the TM terminology)
    > - AND : a link to a place anyone can pick a zip package of the
    > page
    > and whatever stuff needed to make one, so whoever finding such a
    page and
    > wanting to put a similar one on its site can do so and join the
    > That's the decentralized part. It can grow from everywhere.


    > When creating a new page, just do one thing :
    > E-mail to the people you have made a link to, so they can add a
    back link
    > in their own page.

    <h3><b>Pull vs push may work better</b></h3>

    > That can already be a great tool if thousands of people play the
    game and
    > take care and update their page.
    > In fact, it may grow to a point that any webring structure looks
    like a
    > prehistoric concept in comparizon ...

    <b>mmmm hmmmmm!</b>
    > Now suppose there is an address where you can send the news you've
    > such a page, and it will be added as a Topic in a growing Topic Map,
    > associated with the existing pages you are connected to, and maybe
    to other
    > Topics like the keywords you've put on your page, the projects
    > involved in etc ...

    <b>That would be the RecentChanges page in PyWiki, and again, it is a
    pull, rather than a push. Here is a link to give you an idea:</b><br>

    now, one other thing. The Synergy Central and Coach Universe servers
    are available to recraft the "formal" site as well. Anyone on this
    team will have access to the servers/files. We could use just
    PyWiki, however it might just make sense to tune the site to this
    project, as an example of what is possible. Thoughts?
    > Is it too simple to really work ? May be ... How many people will I
    find on
    > this list to follow that track if I propose such a template on my
    Web ?
    > Just say a word and I start it right away :)

    > > Shortcut URL to this page:
    > > http://www.onelist.com/community/unrev-II

    I left this last line in here to let the moderator know the tag needs
    to be updated. onelist was gone a while ago. I know I need to tune
    all of our discussion list messages, since the emergence of YGroups.

    I hope all of you are having the time of your lives, like I am!

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