Re: [unrev-II] about synergy

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 15:45:16 PST

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    univers immedia wrote:
    > Eric
    > I want to prove somehow you are wrong, and that we have to escape the
    > darwinian paradigm. Anyway if we stick to that paradigm, we'll hit the
    > wall pretty soon.
    The paper I'm about to post suggests that the paradigm is inescapable.
    It is the only possible solution to the frame problem.

    > So we have to build that global collective intelligence
    > we are dreaming of. We have no choice. I really believe we are
    > in an emergency, so we have to examine carefully those nearly
    > impossible solutions.
    I agree. Analysis suggests that the prospects of success are remote.
    That is, the probability is low. But that is no reason not to try.
    When survival is at stake, it makes sense to buy a lottery ticket
    when that is the only open avenue.

    > Individual cells, sometime very far away in the past, have escaped the
    > darwinian laws and built organisms and living brains.
    I agree with the conclusion, but I argue that the very organization
    you allude to is the result of the darwinian laws. That is, however,
    totally beside the point...

    > If we have to achieve collective intelligence, we have to build
    > synapses....
    > So let's imagine a very simple way to build synapses...
    The one thing I didn't see in your proposal was the ability for
    true synergy -- that is, the ability for automated results stemming
    from the interconnections. When I link to your page, *something*
    (which I am very far from being able to specify, at this point)
    has to happen, in totally automatic fashion, which takes me to
    links that you have on your site. At each of those sites, in turn,
    *something* automatic has to happen. Dead ends have to identify
    themselves as such as simply die. But somewhere at the end of the
    chain, *something* has to identify a solution and return it to me.

    The existence of that automated "something" allows for true
    synergy arising out of the interconnections.

    Providing a specification for that *something* would be a noteworthy
    and highly entertaining exercise!

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