[unrev-II] The 3 phases of Web revolution

From: N. C a r r o l l (ncarroll@hastingsresearch.com)
Date: Sun Feb 11 2001 - 13:55:50 PST

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    > > According to Tim Berners Lee, the Web revolution
    > > is occuring in 3 phases:
    > > * The information-display web (html)
    > > * The data-exchange web (xml)
    > > * The "semantic" web (KM, topic maps, etc.)

    Agreed. However I would add that much of those
    phases are about perception. It has *always* taken
    an understanding of all three elements to make even
    a fairly simple search-and-transaction web site
    successful. From the perspective of building ecommerce
    web sites, this has been the sequence in client perceptions:

    1. Clients were mad about cool HTML and flashy
    interfaces, and it was extremely difficult to make
    them see reason. However, they were blind to data
    exchange and knowledge handling, so I was able
    to build those parts of web sites in relative peace
    and quiet.

    2. Now clients are gradually accepting that an
    interface has to be usable, and are slowly and
    reluctantly giving up the cool HTML. However,
    they have discovered data exchange -- or more
    properly they have read about XML -- and are
    now focusing their interest on that. As HTML
    was at first, it's a tools-before-architecture
    mentality. Ready-fire-aim.

    3. Semantics is still beyond their radar screen.
    Right now people's minds go numb when they
    hear "knowledge management." However, once
    the clients realize there are actual knowledge
    management tools in the offing, they will want
    some of those.


    Nicholas Carroll
    Travel: ncarroll@iname.com

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