Re: [unrev-II] Peer to Peer and Email...

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 15:42:20 PST

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    Groove negatives:
      /-windows only
      /-requires IE 4.0 or better, it seems

    Still, as basis for collaboration, it seems valuable.
    (Especially in light of a "simple collaboration system"
    proposal I'll be putting the finish touches on in the
    next couple of days.)

    Eric Armstrong wrote:
    > I believe this system has come up for discussion before.
    > But as I've had occasion to take a closer look, I thought
    > I'd share these comments from the Grooves pdf file:
    > "When one looks at the most popular uses of the
    > Internet in general, it is readily apparent that
    > email far outdistances Web browsing and electronic
    > commerce. In survey after survey, email remains
    > the primary driver of Internet use and adoption.
    > It is no wonder then, that the most widespread use of
    > Internet peer computing is not music- or file-swapping,
    > but rather instant messaging."
    > "Innovative, standalone peer computing tools such as Napster and
    > gnutella may indeed represent the ‘thin edge of the wedge’ that
    > will open up into an entirely new dimension of computing. If so, we
    > can expect the next phase of this trend to unveil a general purpose
    > platform – like the desktop operating system or the Web server –
    > upon which a wide variety of applications can be built and
    > deployed."
    > "Groove is a virtual space for small group interaction. The
    > Groove transceiver – the “space” in which you work -- includes
    > capabilities that lend themselves to natural and intuitive group
    > interactivity. These include communication media (live voice over
    > the Internet, instant messaging, text-based chat, and threaded
    > discussion)..."
    > "Each Groove shared space is stored locally, on the computers
    > of each of the members of the shared space. When one member
    > adds something new to the space, that change is reflected on
    > everyone’s machine..."
    > "If a member has disconnected from the Internet, Groove
    > .... saves all the member’s content and changes locally.
    > When the member reconnects, all of his changes and additions
    > are sent to all other members. In turn, all changes other
    > members have made ... are immediately sent to the reconnected
    > member’s space as well."
    > "Never have to save. Every change made in Groove – every
    > keystroke, line drawn, gesture – is stored right away in
    > Groove’s XML storage system."
    > "Multiple computers. Many people will use Groove with a
    > desktop, a laptop, a home machine, a work machine, etc.
    > Users do not need to manually keep each of them synchronized:
    > Groove automatically keeps the content of all spaces on all
    > machines in synch." (Talk about a GODSEND...)
    > "Flexibility and adaptability. As a member of a shared space,
    > whenever any user needs or wants additional functionality, he
    > can add it from a more extensive selection of tools, developed
    > by Groove Networks and its partners (and/or by in-house
    > developers) available on"
    > "XML Object Store. All content and activities are stored locally on
    > the user’s device in Groove’s XML object store. By using an object
    > store instead of an XML file system, Groove improves system
    > performance. In addition, Groove compresses the XML content for
    > efficiency."
    > "Groove’s innovative peer connection services automatically
    > and transparently cross firewalls and network address
    > translators so that users never need to go through special
    > steps to set up a shared space."
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