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From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Fri Mar 02 2001 - 14:06:01 PST

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    More tidbits on Groove, from a response to a
    query I sent:

    on the need to keep from having to copy files
    into the shared space:
      --"In Groove 1.X the concept of links to files will
        be incorporated, so there will be only the need
        for one copy."

    on the need for a tree view of directories:
      --"coming in Groove 1.x, later this year."

    on the need for conflict prevention and detection:
      --"Versioning and checking in and out of files
        will also be an enhancement feature in Groove 1.X"

    on the possiblity for using at as the basis for the
    simple collaboration system:
      --"Are you interested in becoming a partner (ie
        creating tools for Groove for various companies)?
        If so please e-mail for more information.
        Or again, post your questions on the forums in the devzone.
        (where information on how to create tools is available)

    Note: one caveat:
      --"(Please) keep in mind Groove 1.X that I refer to above
        is due out later this year and the different enhancements
        I mentioned may come in different versions. The exact
        timeframe for each has not yet been determined."
    An understandable caveat, all things considered.
    But some promising possiblities. Of course, the
    single-OS nature of their system is still a huge
    issue. If a collaboration system isn't multi-platform,
    it just ain't gonna fly.

    But the bar has just risen. Because, in however limited
    fashion, a simple collaboration system *will* be feasible
    in a matter of months.

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