[unrev-II] Folks worth having in for a visit

From: Eric Armstrong (eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com)
Date: Mon Mar 12 2001 - 17:40:39 PST

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    Here is my short list of people we should definitely visit with.
    If any means at all can be found to do so, we should cover their
    travel expenses, if nothing else. A possible means of doing that
    would be to have them come in under the banner of Bootstrap, SRI,
    or Foresight, to give a general talk. We could arrange to take
    them to lunch, dinner, and what have you, and set up a second,
    more detailed meeting, as well.

      * Steve Newcomb
        Absolutely brilliant presentations of topic maps and the
        processing model. A great communicator. Two or three hours
        with him, and you get it, right between the eyeballs.

      * Elliot Kimber
        In-the-trenches understanding of groves, and how to build
        a versioned, linked, node-based system on top of them.
        Demo and explanation of his system would be enlightening.

      * Eric Freese
        Author of SemanText -- using Topic Maps for a
        semantic-network/concept-graph, with inferencing. Thorough
        understanding of Topic Maps, SGML, and groves.

      * Jeff Conklin and Albert
        The real story on IBIS and why the online version (QuestMap)
        failed. Superb insights, well-explained, as in his IBIS
        papers. Has many insigths to share that can form the basis
        of the real-world requirements for a system that can actually
        work. He and Albert also demostrate their new Mifflin system,
        which has some of the needed benefits.)

      * Uche Ugbuji
        By all accounts, a must-see demo of a system that provides
        filterable, orderable, threaded discussions in a virtual

      * Kal Ahmed
        From Ontopeia. Talk on an API for topic map applications,
        and a demo that uses topic maps to make a database
        browsable. (Forget query languages!) A good communicator
        who is able to present the vision. Uses the IBIS-style in
        his slides. (He never heard of IBIS, just found it natural
        to present the design alternatives along with the for and
        against arguments of each!)

      * Benedicte Le Grand
        Eric Freese rated this demo a "must see". A 3-dimensional
        topic-city, with neighbors and neighborhoods of related
        topics. (A talk with the horrible title, "Topic Map Metrics",
        which caused me to miss it!)

      * Doug Lenat
        Fascinating presentation on the progress of the project
        that aimed at incorporating "common sense" knowledge in
        computer systems. Superb success stories, and the
        announcement of the top-level 3,000 topics + 30,000
        assertions, available for free. (Deeper levels available
        for a fee, for a two year headstart on the field before
        they, too, are released into the public domain.)

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