Re: [unrev-II] A view of bootstraping with OHS

From: Henry van Eyken (
Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 14:22:45 PST

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    Neat, Jack.

    And look how cycle B fits in well with long-established Bloom's Taxonomy of the
    Cognitive Domain:

    your "Personal Comprehension" = Bloom's Knowledge of facts + Comprehension (Your
    "Responses" should feed to "Knowledgeof Facts." I don't think (off hand) that
    true "Comprehension" is transmitted (see note 2 below).
    your "Tacit preunderstanding" = Bloom's Analysis and Synthesis
    your "Personal Belief" = Bloom's Evaluation (or Judgment).

    The B-cycle begins at home and is then forcefed and/or stimulated by our

    Cycle A seems to operate within "Tacit preunderstanding" as problem-solving
    comprises analysis and synthesis (and includes application of internalized
    routines or algorithms (such as knowledge of "model solutions" many of us
    learned by drill).

    I like the way "Context" is brought into the picture. Kind of puts school drills
    into real world. Context makes our thinking selective; it seeks to draw out from
    store of knowledge (including DKR storage systems) those facts we judge to be
    relevant to understanding and problem-solving. Am curious how you envisage the
    API for that selection process (search engine of sorts). Would it involve
    statistical tools, for example?

    Note1: I failed to fit in neatly Bloom's Application).

    Note2 : We might speak of "Pseudo comprehension" with ensuing "Pseudo analysis.
    synthesis and judgement" that manifests itself when people impress one and all
    (?) by speaking as if they themselves had thought out something that in fact is
    just regurgitated, follow-the-leader stuff (salesmen, stock market gurus, for

    What you are doing is awsome!


    Jack Park wrote:

    > <>
    > I just uploaded a pdf of a powerpoint slide in which I illustrate the
    > following:
    > OHS which is comprised of the following packages:
    > Content + Knowledge = DKR
    > Context
    > Humans, one illustrated actively.
    > Humans are engaged "out there" doing cycle A, in which some problem is being
    > solved.
    > Along the way, humans are also engaged at Context making public statements
    > which enter an IBIS discussion.
    > Eventually, some concensus is reached, new artifacts generated, and humans
    > experience the feedback of cycle C, folding it into their own B cycles.
    > Let us assume that my view of the improvement cycles somehow coincides with
    > those already expressed by Douglas Engelbart. On that assumption, I shall
    > take this a bit further.
    > In the conduct of design of an OHS -- any rendition of an OHS, for that
    > matter -- my view is that the important issues to resolve up front are those
    > associated with the API that allows Context to talk to DKR. When such an
    > API is created -- itself a part of bootstrap cycles, then becomes possible
    > to implement all sorts of variants along the OHS theme. So long as they all
    > implement the API, they all are intended (by design) to be interoperable.
    > The Context package includes Human Computer Interface (HCI) systems that
    > enable a variety of OHS features, such as Topic Map navigation, email,
    > forums, conferences, chat, document manipulation, IBIS, SDS, and so forth,
    > each of which is supported by way of the infrastructure constructed within
    > DKR and exposed by way of the API.
    > In summary, I am illustrating three specific kinds of bootstraping here.
    > The A cycles are those in which society plays out its roles bootstrapping
    > solutions to the complex, urgent problems that Doug and others describe.
    > The B cycles represent individual growth and learning, and the C cycles,
    > enabled by way of OHS, represent societal growth and learning. At the same
    > time, I am making the claim that job one lies in the evolution
    > (bootstraping) of an API that allows OHS implementations to emerge.
    > Jack
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