Re: [unrev-II] A view of bootstraping with OHS

From: Jack Park (
Date: Sun Mar 25 2001 - 16:43:30 PST

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    Thank you , Henry.
    Your comments are always of great interest and value to me.

    When I compare and contrast jpOHS to Doug's writing at , I note that Doug's early
    interest lies in the direction of getting HyperScope up and running first.
    That's the engine that would include a grove engine and link database, not
    unlike BrowseUp, which, as I have said before, appears to be a well-made
    instance of this class of Web tool.

    Well, I'm really on a slightly different vector, one that I hope will
    ultimately intersect with HyperScope. The direction I am going lies in
    content production, not in content browsing. I am of the opinion, and I
    think my opinion is clear in my earlier post, that no matter what vector you
    are motoring along, there will ultimately be some kind of API that is the
    glue that binds all vectors. My experiments with jpOHS continue to show me
    just how weak my ability to visualize implementations really is. That's why
    I jump off bridges and build implementations.

    For instance, my latest jpOHS paper, at tells the story that I ran into all
    sorts of problems when attempting to combine both synchronous (blocking)
    transfers and asynchronous (non-blocking) transfers. Over this weekend, the
    April Java-Pro came with a paper on using SOAP to solve the very problem I
    was facing. That program wanted me to boot Tomcat, the servlet engine.
    Well, guess what? Darned if good old uncle Bill hasn't tossed yet another
    mess out there for me and others to solve: Windows ME loves to tell me it's
    out of environment space when setting classpath variables in the batch file
    that runs just fine on NT4 and 2000. You gotta love jerks that continually
    toss barriers into the path of java hackers.

    What came out of that? Simple. Find some way to do SOAP-like things
    without running SOAP. I think I'll have that running sometime next week.


    From: Henry van Eyken <>

    > Further to my previous reply:
    > 1. The reason that precipitated my emphasis on the correlation with
    > Taxonomy is that Jack's jpOHS is being readied for application in an
    > setting. But, please, bear in mind that I am not a member of a faculty of
    > education, merely a retired teacher. It might be useful to have contact
    > appropriate academics at Stanford U., for example.
    > 2. Jack writes, "Let us assume that my view of the improvement cycles
    > coincides with those already expressed by Douglas Engelbart. On that
    > assumption, I shall take this a bit further." A few words of "compare and
    > contrast" might well be helpful to a number of us.
    > 3. I believe we must keep in mind that many pressing world-scale problems
    > not entirely in the cognitive domain. Examples: heigtened discrimination
    > times of economic distress and economic selfishness. Ecological, social
    > economic problems, it has been claimed, are strongly interconnected
    > ("econology"). In accord herewith the human cognitive and affective
    domains are
    > interconnected. But augmentation, as I understand it, is not perceived as
    > directly addressing the affect. Something to bear in mind.
    > Henry

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