Re: [unrev-II] update on jpOHS

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 14:15:33 PST

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    Jack Park wrote:
    > <>
    > The project continues. The spirit of the project rests on the notion
    > that
    > it is time for many to build variants of an OHS so that we will have
    > lots to
    > compare and discuss once a "real" OHS gets off the ground.
    Wow... Impressive.
    > I have combined Content and Knowledge into what I call the DKR:
    > dynamic because everything (in my version) is represented
    > internally as topic maps...
    Sounds good.

    > InContext, there exists a Topic Maps tab,
    > an IBIS
    > tab, and an SDS tab. Later, there will be TSC, Augment, etc, tabs.
    This is really intriguing.

    > The
    > common interlingua between Context and DKR is XML messages, with the
    > "cargo"
    > written in XTM format. Context, called client, talks to a DKR server,
    > which
    > couples client to jLinda4, a Linda-like coordination system. From
    > there,
    > DKR, which is also a jLinda4 client, process persistence and knowledge
    > issues. By coordinating with jLinda4, the system can accept many
    > clients,
    > and many DKR servers. In some sense, jLinda4 becomes a kind of Von
    > Neumann
    > bottleneck. Film at 11...on that one:-)
    Looking forward to that film.

    > Progress to date: got client and server to talk to jLinda4. Client
    > and
    > server (prior to addition of jLinda4) already could manipulate topic
    > maps:
    > display them, create and edit them, and delete them from the
    > database. Now,
    > to get the tuples working!
    What is JLinda4, again?

    and congrats on the progress!

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