[unrev-II] OT on: [xtm-wg] historical perspective about graphs

From: Dennis E. Hamilton (infonuovo@email.com)
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 09:51:36 PST

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    Much to my regret, I have learned that what computer people call
    interoperability has been corrupted into a very weak condition. Because of
    that, another term has been introduced that strikes me as closer to what
    unification accomplished in the sciences. It is "coherence."
    Interoperability is extremely valuable for coherence, but it is not
    sufficient (and might not even be necessary).

    (Your terminology may vary. I always thought interoperability was what I
    now have trained myself to refer to as coherence.)

    This is a nit in the context of the point of this message. Thanks for
    forwarding it.

    -- Dennis

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    I think this message could be of some interest on this list too ...
    Sorry for duplicate for those who are also on xtm-wg list ...

    > Since we are in the "Big Picture" debate I'd like to add a little
    > perspective to Jean's intervention.
    > What computers' people call "interoperability" is called in other older
    > fields of science : "unification".

    [ ... ]

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