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From: Jack Park (jackpark@verticalnet.com)
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 11:50:58 PST

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    http://www.xns.org/ <http://www.xns.org/>
    Circular definition:
    "The XNS Public Trust Organization is an independent non-profit organization
    chartered to represent all members of the XNS community. "
    "Want to know where XNS fits in the big picture of naming, privacy,
    transport, synchronization technologies, and more? Our new Defining and
    Comparing <http://www.xns.org/xns/whitepapers/compare/> XNS white paper
    defines the five core components of XNS and compares XNS with 92 other
    products, services, and standards in 7 categories and 30 subcategories"
    You gotta read this page:
    In which they grant a license to use their three patents freely, except for
    something called "RESERVED TECHNOLOGY AREA." which is defined as follows:
    "RESERVED TECHNOLOGY AREA or AREAS means any application of ONENAME'S
    technology or INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS not licensed hereunder as the
    Directory Service Objects described in column 102, line 27 to column 105,
    line 51 of the '325 Patent; Payment Service Objects described U.S. Patent
    No. 5,862,325 (the "'325 Patent") in column 119, line 13 to column 123, line
    15 of the '325 Patent; Feedback Service Objects described in column 124,
    line 21 to column 128, line 30 of the '325 Patent; and Schedule Control
    described in column 136, line 28 to column 141, line 46 of the '325 Patent;
    and any service, method or system which does not rely upon and use the XNS
    PROTOCOL. Reference to the '325 Patent for its disclosure is exemplary, and
    applies also to the other patents within ONENAME'S PATENT RIGHTS. "
    Somebody's got a patent on Extensible Name Service. I wonder how this is
    gonna fly in light of Corba, Jini, and the many naming directory schemes we
    all have been using.
    At http://www.xns.org/xns/ <http://www.xns.org/xns/ >
    They say:
    "XNS is a lot to wrap your head around. It's not just a technology; it's
    also the legal infrastructure for a global trust community. It's not just a
    naming and addressing service; it's a privacy infrastructure. It's not just
    an XML vocabulary; it's an architecture for building automatically
    interoperable XML vocabularies. The resources in this section will help you
    "unpeel the onion." Please let us know <mailto:sitefeedback@xns.org> how
    helpful they are and what else XNSORG can do to make XNS more accessible."

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