[unrev-II] FW: Natural Language Programming???

From: Dennis E. Hamilton (infonuovo@email.com)
Date: Tue Apr 10 2001 - 17:00:38 PDT

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    This intriguing posting attracted but modest attention on the Python list,
    mostly to be poo-poo-ed. After a while it was clear that the posters didn't
    seem to be looking at the synapse-solutions.co.uk and were looking inside
    their own heads.

    Since achievement of an MI-Tech would be of some interest in the Unfinished
    Revolution, I thought I'd bait you folks with this one.

    I have no opinion to offer at this point.

    I think you'll find the brief selections on the site to be interesting and
    captivating reading, whatever your automatic or deeply-considered judgment
    on the matter. Brennan writes well.

    -- Dennis

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    OK, a bit off topic, my apologies, but now that I have fallen head over
    heals in love with Python, I am intrigued by all issues having to do
    with very high level language programming and ease of learning and ease
    of use. So I saw this today and am curious, even though it's not
    available yet and isn't going be open source or free software any way.

    Does anyone know if this Bob Brennan guy at
    http://synapse-solutions.co.uk/index.html is for real or is he a
    crackpot?? He claims to have invented (patented, no less) a machine
    level intelligence system using standard PC's that can be programmed in
    English or any other natural language...he claims to have been a player
    in early Intel and Microsoft days, now he's in Cambridge area of UK and
    out to solve the world's IT brain power shortage....anyone ever heard of
    him??? If anyone checks otu his companies web site, I'd like to knwo if
    yout think he is a crackpot or not...


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