Re: [unrev-II] OHS needs to be personal

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Thu Apr 12 2001 - 18:45:48 PDT

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    "Garold L. Johnson" wrote:
    > In thinking about the nature of collaboration and knowledge
    > organization, I have come to the conclusion that an OHS has to
    > be usable by a single individual for personal knowledge
    > organization and thinking if it is to be truly useful.
    (In case there is any doubt, I agree.)

    > I can’t (easily) reference other information I might have, or other
    > emails in this discussion.

    > While there is an outline mode, it is rather primitive and doesn’t
    > provide any support for accessing other information.

    > ...if I have to use a different tool to collaborate via an
    > OHS than (the one) I use to organize my own thoughts, ideas, and
    > information, then there is a barrier to collaboration that I think
    > is unnecessary.
    And so counterproductive as to make it difficult to use.

    > Therefore, I believe that for an OHS to be successful in the sense of
    > being well and continually used, it must scale from my personal use up to
    > whatever larger collaborations I support.
    Yes, yes, and yes.

    > I want to be able to use the same tool that I use to support knowledge
    > collaboration to manage my own personal information on my own personal
    > machine without requiring external servers or any other
    > infrastructure. I should be able to synchronize the various places
    > that I create information – home, work, a laptop, a PDA or palm
    > computer, etc.
    And *integrate* the information you connect with by virtue of
    with knowledge spaces shared by groups you associate with.

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