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From: Garold L. Johnson (
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 09:06:44 PDT

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    Jack Park wrote:


    Do you really need to reorganize the raw discourse, or just re-present it in
    periodic summaries?

    [Garold L. Johnson] It may be useful to save the original input, but the
    structure of the result is as important as such things as wording.
    IBIS, for example, might be a valuable structure for documenting discussions
    even though it doesn’t appear to work well for capturing the discussion in
    real time. In this case, the original input is historical, but the
    restructured discussion is the desired end product. This is where I think
    that David Parnas is correct that it is desirable to document the history as
    we would like it to have occurred rather than absolutely accurately the way
    it did.
    One of my difficulties in managing my own information is exactly this
    ongoing restructuring so that my recorded information documents my best
    understanding in an area. Tracking the history of an idea is also extremely
    valuable at times. None of the tools I currently have do a really good job
    of either of these things.


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