RE: [unrev-II] Collaborative Discussion Tools

From: Jack Park (
Date: Sun Apr 15 2001 - 15:10:39 PDT

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    >[Garold L. Johnson]


    >As an example, consider the chaordic site that Bernard referenced in the
    >earlier message. There is a lot on that site that is of definite relevance
    >to the bootstrapping process that Doug is advocating, and that is possibly
    >also relevant to the attack on complex problems .
    >Should Bernard (in an ideal world) have been expected to cross link all of
    >the relevant information on that entire site into the structure of our
    >total discussion on the process of bootstrapping and the solution of
    >complex problems? That seems to be a totally unrealistic expectation.
    >More realistic is what actually happens here we now have a link. Several
    >people will look at the material and comment on various parts of it (which
    >they would link into the system). This gradually ties the material into
    >ever more places as it is digested by those collaborating on it. Assuming
    >that the information continues to prove relevant, it will eventually be
    >woven into all sorts of places in the knowledge structure. Every now and
    >then someone will undertake to do a more thorough job of integration and
    >link large amounts of information into the structure.

    This is precisely the nature of collaborative information filtering. At
    some collective web site, users just drop by with comments on various
    things, eventually accumulating the knowledge structures necessary to be of
    increasing value to all who would partake of that web site. No one should
    be expected to do it all, alone.

    OTOH, there remains the context of *personal* knowledge management. Large
    chunks of that, I would imagine, would never be done at a public
    site. That is the context in which you get to do it all, yourself.


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