[unrev-II] "Other" categories are both realistic and beneficial

From: N. C a r r o l l (ncarroll@hastingsresearch.com)
Date: Sun Apr 15 2001 - 18:55:22 PDT

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    > > I am explicitly building an IBIS system into Nexist now. I remain
    > to begin playing with it, though, now, a bit apprehensive about its power
    > given the things I have learned from Jeff Conklin.
    > I think that the categories are too restrictive. I had a martial arts
    > instructor tell me that all of the world's major belief systems provided,
    > among other things, a set of buckets into which life's experiences could
    > categorized, and that the ones that were successful all had a
    > ' or 'unknown' category.


    Upon seeing an organizational scheme with no "Other" category, I always
    think, "Why, this system must be perfected! ... or there is a of a lot of
    mis-classification going on...."

    I find no shame whatsoever in putting Other categories in my ecommerce
    web site categorizations. It's a place to put something until you figure it
    And more, it's a place where serendipity occurs, because sometimes users
    find purposes for that information that you would never have figured out
    on your own. "Other" is a transition ground from today to tomorrow's
    new understandings.


    Nicholas Carroll
    Travel: ncarroll@iname.com

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